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Breast Cancer/Bone metastasis

Hi, I have a family member who is in her 30's. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread to the   bone. Spine, hips and shoulders. I am worried as she has been diagnosed for over a year now and has a small child. What are the survival rates for someone with this type of cancer. I am concerned as she does not seem to think this is going to shorten her life in any way just that she will have to live with it. The specialist has not given her any indication of life expectancy but I am premusing this is because she has not asked. Has anyone any answers
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I prefer not to deal with percentages or survival rates as they are too general for a specific case. I will tell you that bone mets is the most easilly controlled when it comes to metastatic disease. I know of Stage 4 survivors with only bone mets who have lived relatively normal lives for many, many years. It sounds like she has a good attitude and that is also important. I'm sure she has not been given an indication of life expectancy because it's impossible to know that with any certainty.    Kindest regards ....
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She may be in denial, and that is not always a bad thing at all. I mean what difference does it make if she believes she will live a long and normal life, or not? It's probably much better for the child the way it is and these beliefs are not constant, anyway. When the time is right for her to really worry, she may deal with it very well. I don't think there is a right or wrong attitude, and i don't even think it is at all about attitude most of the time. I would support her with all feelings that come up and they will usually vary and change and that is normal.  Sometimes, these things are harder on family than the patient. Her mother instinct may be giving her just the right advice. so sorry for all of you, though, since it is sad when a young person, especially, has such a bad disease. but maybe they will come up with new and better treatments in time so she can benefit still.
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Hello, My wife turned 33 June 13th, weve been married 7 years and have a 6 year old son the cancer has spread to the bone and brain since she was diagonsed with breast cancer 2 years ago, As i am writing you she is sleeping, we are going thru chemo again her treatment was 2 days ago, It is important to be supportive and understanding.Cancer is a very tricky disease thats why you really can't put a real survival number on it, most are averages and / or odds ( but what's average for some may not be for others ) It is good that you are asking questions and hopefully reasearching more on breast cancer Hopefully whatever treatment your sisters doc has her doing she is responding well to it..... Remember your sister is not only dealing with Breast Cancer.......she has to deal with things that 30 year old females dont have to deal with so early in life....probly shutting of the estrogin, breast issues, a lot of physical and mental things that make a woman feel like a woman...... you and your family are in our prayers
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