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Breast Reconstruction

Hi All,

Sorry for asking so many questions, as I mentioned earlier my sister had a Mastectomy at early age (35yrs) and now would like to go for the implants. So, I need some information regarding this pros and cons of reconstruction. I would appreciate if you can let me know the sites where I can find some more information and also your experiences on re construction.

Thank You.
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I am not really into implants.   I would prefer a fat transfer, your own fat to place in the breast.  Check out some sites  I'm sure a lot of reconstructive surgeon know this.
Take Care
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I had the Tram Flap reconstruction 2 years ago and am still fighting complications.  It takes a muscle from abdomen and sorta tunnels under and restuffs the breast with it.  I miss the abdominal muscle and got a hernia where they took it out.  I was seduced by the idea of getting a tummy tuck (part of taking the muscle), but I don't think it was worth the risk from moving the muscle.  I think there is a new similar process where they take skin and fat with a disected blood vessel instead of taking the muscle. I know at least 4 others that got hernias too. Try a different route
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Also, please never apologize for asking questions.  Your should try to web search "Breast Reconstruction".  
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Thank You for your advice. I'll pass this information to my sister. Since she is in trauma, I'm doing every thing for her. In fact I too still did not digest the fact. But some one has to do this for her. I took that role.
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Check the bc support group at Revolutionhealth. Not only is it a great group, but there is  a topic, or post category exclusively for this topic and with a lot of feedback. i found it incredibly helpful and no way will I have this done. but we all make those decisions for ourselves and there is no right or wrong answer, except, from what I learned, you have to do it for yourself and not to please someone else. This group is great though and your sister may also find it useful.

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You might want to get your sister a copy of a book by Kathy Steligo called The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook.  It has lots of info on different types of recon to help yr sister decide what she might go for.

She should bear in mind that some plastic surgeons will push for the procedure they are most familiar with so if she wants a particular procedure, she might need to 'shop around' a bit.
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