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Breast cancer bone metastasis

My mother was diaganosed with Breast cancer bone metastasis six months back (with acute back pain).
she was put on femara, than on Xeloda and Zometa and have completed six cycles each of these.
but still her ca15-3 level is not reducing but increasing slowly present level is 67.0.

she was asked for a PETSCAN after seeing the scan report doctors have decided to change her medicines and chemotherapy.

She is 58 yrs old and looks quiet ok and do all works and walk steadily.
I have heard from various internet sites, forum that patient survival is maximum 2-3 yrs, Please advise what we should do....is there any any ray of hope
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I understand what you are going through.
Perhaps the PET scan result showed progressive disease, thus the decision to shift the management to chemotherapy.
The survival depends on how your mother responds to her new treatment.  If she is responsive, her survival will be prolonged.
It would be best to discuss treatment options to your mother's oncologist as there are newer chemotherapy regimens available involving targeted therapy.
Good luck.
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Thanks Dennis, for your prompt response, Doctors have put her now on AROMASIN-25 (Pfizer) and ZOMETA,  instead of XELODA  for the next three months.

They have chosen this combination instead of conventional chemo at the hospital.

What might have been the reason and what this AROMASIN oral pills (one daily) will do
instead of 5 tabs daily of XELODA, which she has been taking for the last five months.

Please guide

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Aromasin is an oral hormonal therapy used in breast cancer treatment.
Capecitabine (Xeloda) is a form of oral chemotherapy used in breast cancer and also in other cancer types.
Zometa is a bisphosphonate used for bone metastasis to relieve bone pains as well as control the bone metastasis.
From what you posted, my understanding is that your mother was previously on Xeloda and her regimen was shifted to Aromasin?
The reason for shifting the regimen could be a progressive disease while on Xeloda.
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