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Change to a more aggressive chemo for neoadjuvant approach


My wife (35yo) was  just diagnosed with Stage IIIb breast cancer about 4 weeks ago. Since the tumor is big, the onco advised a Neoadjuvant approach (chemo-surgey-chemo).

My wife started chemo yesterday however I am concerned as the Onco gave her FAC regimen (5-fluorouracil, doxorubicin, and cyclophosphomide). I'm not sure if ths is aggressive enough compared to a Taxotere-based regimen like TAC. I just read today that TAC is clearly superior to FAC in neoadjuvant situations.

I'm really worried as I feel this is a critical phase of the treatment.

Is it an option to change the treatment from FAC to TAC during her next chemo cycle?

I'm not sure if the Onco will be happy to hear me out.

Really need help. Hope an expert can advise please. Thank you very much for hearing me out.
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I am sorry to hear that yoiur wife has been dx with Stage lllB BC.

However, questions in this forum are answered by survivors and other volunteers generally not identified as medical professionals. We are unable, therefore, to provide an expert medical opinion regarding the specifics of your wife's treatment as you requested.

It would be best for you and your wife to discuss these questions with her oncologist, but if you don't feel comfortable doing that, she seek a second-opinion consultation with another oncologist.

Best wishes to both you and your wife...
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Your wife is doing what I had to do, chemo, surgery,chemo, then rads.

Feel free to discuss this with them but listen as well to what they are treating and why.

Best wishes.
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Hi again,

I don't know what study you saw, but the the one I saw recommending TAC over FAC was in regard to adjuvant (not neoadjuvant) node-negative BC. (I'm not sure that would appy to your wife since she is in Stage IIIB ...)

"This particular study's importance is that it illustrates there is a benefit in incorporating a taxene into the adjuvant treatment for some women with node-negative breast cancer."

I hope you and your wife were able to discuss all of your questions with her oncologist, and if not, that you obtained a second opinion, and that she is tolerating chemo well.

Please post again, adding a comment to this same thread, giving us an update regarding whether your concerns were resolved, and how she is doing.

Best wishes...
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I am sorry to hear that yoiur wife has been dx with Stage lllB BC.
My wife was dx at 29 yrs in June 2009.She had TAC 3 cycles.then AC as she had cardiovascular problem (minor).3 months later it reurred.then she had MRM and removal of breast.Now Jan 2011 she is again dxed with recurrence (see my post on stage IV survival).
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