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Diagnosed May 2016 with stage 4...no chemo or radiation for me!

After, having lump by my armpit breast area for years and doctors saying it was hormonal from my cycle others said it was from caffeine!Started Harvoni for my hep c and the lump I had for years started moving and hurting! Showed my doctor and sent me to other specialist.... and then my nightmare started!My choice to do all natural and praising God has me still here but hurting!! Open wound from biopsy done in May 2016 is shrinking but leaking a non smelly liquid any ideas of what it is? Tumor twists, turns and feels like it's on fire but this liquid can't figure out!! Please advise and don't criticise my choice for living or dieing the way I choose! Chemo and radiation helps some but just not for me!What I am doing is working just not mainstream yet!!
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Wow, I can’t believe your strength! I just recently joined and found your post. How are you doing now?
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