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Ixempra or Avastin?

My mother has 4th stage breast cancer and just recently found out the treatment she is on is no longer working. her doctor gave her 2 options to think about and she has to give him an answer at this Fridays appointment. I was wondering if anyone was on either of these drugs and could sare their experiences with how the overall treatment is going. I know she is very concern with how her body will react. So far she has not had to may bad side effects and she s hoping to keep it that way. I lost my father 8 years ago and I am really scared to loose her too. I know the birth of my daughter and her first grand baby last year has kept her spirts up. I just want her to have as much info as she can bfore making this choice.

Thanks to all of you brave woman my heart goes out to each and every one of you!!!!
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It would be almost impossible to speculate as to the reaction to either of the drugs .... each person can have completely different side effects from the same drug. I'll send you this website where you can compare various Chemotherapy drugs. That's about as much help as I can give you regarding this problem.  The web address is
(Chemocare.com) click on "Chemotherapy Drugs" and you will find a list of all drugs in current use.   Regards ...  
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