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Liver cysts in Luminal B breast cancer

Pre menopausal Diagnosed end of january with 2.2cm tumour ER+ 15%, PR-, KI76 95%.1 lymph node. Modified radical mastectomy beginning Feb. Due to start FEC x3 plus Dx3 this week (Beg March) then Radiotherapy and tamoxifen.

Was initially told that my CT scan prior to surgery was clear. After visiting oncologist yesterday was told 2 x 2mm cysts on my liver, these were on the original scan.

It is 6 weeks from the CT scan and im terrified that these cysts are cancer and with such a high proliferation rate are now quite large. If they are cancerous is there a chance that the chemo will clear them up?
Realise that it is difficult for them to biopsy such small cyst.
Onc says she will do a CT scan again after chemo.
Is there anything else I should do?
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what is talc?
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Tiny subcentimeter hepatic lesions may be too small to characterize on CT due to partial volume averaging. If no contraindications, consider MRI abdomen with and without contrast.
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