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Medical tourism panama:treatment abroad for breast implants."

In Panama you could get someone with the qualifications like Dr. Michael Chen. He has joined the Medical Tourism team for Treatment Abroad offered by South Seas Pharmaceuticals in Panama.

I read that Dr Michael Chen graduated from the University of Panama in 1980 as a Doctor of Medicine. He later completed his degrees in Oncological Surgery at Northern General Hospital Sheffield, UK.1988 and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Middleborough General Hospital, UK.in 1990. Dr. Chen brings more than 17 years of specialized Oncological and Plastic Reconstructive surgery to the Program.

From my investigations, Panama is fast becoming the medical Tourism centre of the world with modern up-to-date medical centers. Panama boasts new hospital facilities, state of the art and located in the most prestigious part of Panama City. At Panamas International Medicine Centers, you will not only find surgical excellence equal to that of the United States and Europe but affordable health solutions as well. I saw at www.nipandtuckpanama.com you can get prices for Breast Implants for Total package of including Transfers, Hotel etc from around GBP.2332.00

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