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Pain through out the body with breast cancer?

Did any of you with progressive breast cancer before you found out that you had it, suffer daily with multiple areas of pain all through out the body?
If breast cancer is left untreated, say for instance, reason being that the person just didn't know it yet, does the body eventually feel horrible pain in different areas of the body? like the joints, or in between the ribs or the ribs itself, the muscles, tissue, joints, bone, etc. ?
I don't see an answer to my question when I do a search on breast cancer and it's symptoms. It only states the appearance of what breast cancer can look like of the anatomy of the breast.
I would really appreciate any information that anyone has to offer to me on this subject.
I am suffering and have been for months now which is only getting worst and I just found out I may have a
malignancy in my breast. I'm just at the starting line. ( different testing phase and waiting for next appointment which is over a week) but feels like an eternity.
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To have breast cancer with metastises that is yet to be discovered would be fairly uncommon unless a person had not had regular mammograms or breast exams by their Physician or had ignored findings on self breast exams. Pain in different areas of the body are an indication of metastatic cancer but this doesn't happen in a short time unless the cancer is extremely aggressive. your profile states that you have been a member of this Communnity since 2004 and this makes me curious if you had some breast issue at that time that was or wasn't treated and if you've been monitored since then.      Regards ....
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It sounds like you may have Fibromyalgia.  Ask your doctor about this.  I have had this for years and am a breast cancer survivor. This can be treated .

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Yes Cats,
I have a diagnosis already of fibromyalgia. this is worst. I've had fibro now for two years. This is only getting worst and I wouldn't have mentioned it knowing the symptoms of having fibro. this is deeper pain. not just in the tissue. it's in my bones. I woke up last night with such an aching deep pain in my left hip that I was forced to get up out of bed and rub it till the pain subsided. it's getting a bit ridiculous really.
that's why I posted the original question.
did you have bone symptoms before your dianosis of breast cancer??
or any symptoms that were odd than the normal?
thank you so much for you reply. I really do appreciate your help.

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I don't believe that the pain you feel is due to breast cancer since you haven't actually been diagnosed with 100% certainty according to your original post. If this "bone" pain you refer to were metastises from BC there would be no relief as you described. Are you being treated with some of the many medications available for Fibromyalgia ?? We have a forum that deals specifically with Fibromyalgia and I think you might find some answers by posting there since there is no definite diagnosis of BC in any stage at this point.   Regards ....
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yes, you're correct japdip,
SINCE i don't have a dx of breast cancer, I shouldn't be annoying people here asking questions about this subject.
thought we were supposed to be our own advocates and know alittle before hand what we're up against?

I don't believe i have fibro. and yes, I've tried their medications and nothing works and their lethal to the body.

I will therefore take myself over to another forum where I'll be more appreciated.

you are very rude japdip as I've seen from your former posts to others. may I suggest you lighten up? and learn to be kind to others who MAY be going through a very bad time in their life.
you don't know what these people who come here are going through. you can't just tell by corresponding with them.

have a little sensitivity and kindness.
Just a little suggestion.

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I know how you feel.  Every ache and pain scares you to death.  I've had some very intense pain from Fibromyalgia and Arthitis.  Since Fibromyalgia is a muscular skeletal disease, this could very well be what you are dealing with.  Even a tenative diagnois of breast cancer can scare you out of your wits.  Hang in there, it does change your life, but you learn to live with the "new normal" of a life changing event. I understand exactly how you feel .

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The symptoms of Stage 4 breast cancer (Stage IV) may not show up until the disease is progressed. If there are symptoms, they may be one or more of the following: weight loss, lack of appetite, headaches, weakness, bone pain, dry cough or shortness of breath.

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i have breast discomfort and sometimes pain on left side of left breast the discomfort is sickly feeling...also have tummy upset and intermitent weakness...doc said i have viral infection in body and my breast pain is just mastitis..my youngest is 4 and he didn't check breast..my left breast is a size bigger than my right for as long as i can remember
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