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Reading a PET /Ct Scan

(To correct mistakes of last post & to add more info)In March 2007 I was in treatment for late stage breast cancer w/ lymph nodes involved. Had chemo-taxoteer,charboplatin, & heceptin. Had left mascetomy, & just the herceptin after surgery, along w/ 6 weeks of radation.Have been getting regular Pet Scans for follow up - so far so good in that area.
There is some concern with the finding in the neck ,& it has been showing up with each PET Scan, to write what I am reading:
Neck: Metabolically active lymph nodes are again identified in the upper posterior neck bilaterally (level 5 A). The largest lymph node is 12.7 mm in maximum dimension. It is stable in size compared to prior examination. It has maximun SUV value of approximately 5.4. The metabolically active lymph node in the left level 5 A superiorly has a maximum SUV value of approximatley 4.5.(end of reading)
The impression reads:
Stable apperarance of metaboliically active lymph nodes in the superior-posterior neck bilaterally with stable appearance of increase in metabolic activity of the nasopharnx without a discrete of focal abnormality on this noncontrast CT.
The last two PET scans one on 4/08 showed the size of the largest  lymph node-5.3mm w/ max SUV-3.6
the other taken 11/08 showed largest  lymph node 10.6 w/ same max SUV of 3.6. Now the largest is 12.7.
Should I be concerned about this and or what does this mean ? What does metabolically active lymph nodes mean?
My Onocoligist does not say much even when I ask.
Thank you, Kattwebb

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