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Squamous cell carcinoma metastatic breast cancer in the lungs

The below is a clinical summary of my mother:
"Mother of two, with no family history, postmenopausal, 59 yrs old working lady, underwent BCS at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata on 9th December,2010. Histology revealed grade II squamous cell carcinoma, 3/49 nodes positive, 3.5 cm tumor size, triple negative,T2N1M0. She was seenat Tata Memorial Hospital , Mumbai and was advised adjuvant chemotherapy with FEC90 # 4 followed by Paclitaxel/Carboplatin # 4 followed by adjuvant radiation to breast.
She has now developed multiple lung metastasis, histology is metastatic squamous cell carcinoma, triple negative. She has now been planned and started on systemic chemotherapy with Taxotere/ Xeloda, She is Anthracyclin and Taxane resistant disease."

My questions are:
1. Since she has been Taxane resistant in the 1st cycle of chemo where she was given Paclitaxel, does it make sense to give her Docetaxel now?
2. If it doesnt make sense to give Taxane now, what other drug should be given?
3. After how many cycles can we expect to see any clear results on the tumour by doing a x-ray or ct scan?

A medical opinion would be greatly appreciated.
thank you and regards.

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Questions in this forum are answered by survivors and other volunteers generally not identified as medical professionals. We are unable, therefore, to provide the medical opinions regarding the specifics of your mother's treatment that you requested.

It would be best for your mother, and if she agrees, you, to discuss these questions with her oncologist, or, if she and you prefer, for her to get a second  opinion consultation with another oncologist.

Sorry not to be able to help.

Best wishes to you and your mother...

p.s. The same case  appears to have been discussed previously (see link below):


If this is so, it would be helpful if you would add additional related posts to the same thread, so that all of your information is in the same place. That way it is easier for answerers and readers, to follow the discussion. Thanks!
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The chemo they are giving now are for advanced metastatic cancers.

I would check to see if there are an Parp Inhibitor trials going on right now that she can perhaps get into.
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