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Tamoxifen side effects -vs- menopause

I have had a mastectomy and chemo (TAC). which threw me into menopause.  I have been on Tamoxifen 20 mg since July.  I have the usual intense hot flashes, night sweats,moodiness depression, inability to concentrate, memory changes,insomnia etc associated with menopause but which can also be attributed to Tamoxifen.  My concern at the moment is with vulvular itching and labial and perianal tearing.  The itching is especially bad at night and I tear even with gentle wiping or looking to see what hurts.  My gynecologist told me to use premarin topical cream for 2 weeks and then vagifem.  I don't understand the use of estrogen when I'm on anti anti-estrogen.  I also am having problems with headaches and vision (blurring, nystagmus, dryness and redness).

Has anybody else had these symptoms and how did you treat them?

Can any body explain the estrogen conflict please?
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I think that you should remind your doctor about your anti-estrogen treatment as I believe that the topical estrogen cream for your vagina can have some form of systemic absorption which is really in conflict with your anti-estrogen treatment.

For your menopausal symptoms, you can ask your doctor about the drug Effexor (Venlafaxine) which is indicated to control these symptoms.

The vulvar itching, while can be attributed really to dryness and lack of hormonal stimulation, may also be due to a localized fungal infection and I suggest you discuss this angle with your gynecologist.

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