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Triple Negative

My sister was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma grade 3 stage 3 with lymph node involvement 9 out of 13 nodes positive for cancer. She is also triple negative.  This happened so fast less then 6 weeks.  She is going next week for pet scan to see if spread anywhere else.  The doctors told us that her stage 3 could be moved to stage 4 if this has spread any further.  Why is this cancer so aggressive?  She is 51 years old.  We are all very worried and scared.  What exactly does the triple negative mean?  Any help anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi Dawn,
Triple Negative means that your BC is not responsive to estrogen, progesterone, and you are NOT HERS II + either.  That is why they call it Triple Negative cancer for what it ISN'T.

My sister (a 26-year survivor of TNBC) is doing okay.  They did even have a name for her type back then.  She is also BRCA1+ (Google these things or Wiki them).  You'll get all the info you need.  Of course she caught it fairly early and treated quickly.  Has heart damage from the chemo (different back then), but she's still with us.

I am also TNBC Thriver with metastatic.  Dx in Dec 2011.  I was clean for 8 months after chemo, surgery, rads, chemo 2nd time.  They did b/4 and after.  Anyway, now have lyphedema from completely axillary dissection.  Back in chemo in Jan of 2014.  Just finished Aug 5th!  PET on the 20th which I expect to be ROCKIN'.   I do a lot of supplements and green food WHILE on chemo.  I am not gonna die from the treatment.  No sir.  I personally believe it works BETTER, when you are healthier anyway.  So who knows what worked for the last PET.  All I know is it was GREAT and gave me lots of hope.  I had a local mets that took off, but was stable for some time.  I think I KNOW what caused the take off and it wasn't my refusing Arimadex anymore.  My TN is now 10% estrogen positive.  Go figure!  For me, I MUST feel that I am in charge and intuitively I KNOW what is happening in my body.  I listen to my body and MY cancer.  It is MY cancer.  I don't hate it or alienate myself from it.  It is part of ME, and that is okay.  The more okay it is, the less fear I have.  I talk to it logically, lovingly, and reasonably.  It listens too.  Gotta go for now.  Hope this helps.  God bless.

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Thanks for the response.  We have been googling, by sister's just came so quickly blindsighted all of us.  I am an ovarian cancer survivor and had the BRAC1 test done and it was negative.  This summer sister with breast cancer dx and now dad with colon cancer dx he is also stage 3.  Just yesterday I have another sister who has five nodules 2 in one breast and 3 in the other and has Bi-rads number of 4 will have biopsies done.  When I go to my doctor they want me to be tested for the Lynch Syndrome.  The second sister is 49 years old.

I hope your pet came back great!

Good luck and God Bless!
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Sister just finished chemo and 33 radiation treatments in Feb. She has been as hospital ER the last two weekends in alot of pain.  Easter Sunday they did a CT scan with dye and she has a very large tumor in the liver.  She also cannot have bowel movement unless she takes laxative, has blood in the urine, tired and is starting to tinge yellow.  She goes for pet scan tomorrow...It seems to moving so fast.  Scared and worried.

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