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Triple negative breast cancer metastasized into Liver diagnosed in 2014.

To give you a background,patient is a female 60yrs age. She felt a lump in her left breast in Aug 2014, which the doctors confirmed after biopsy as triple negative. Further, the PET scan indicated that the cancer is also metastasized into Liver. Thereafter, as recommended by Doctors , she was give 6 cycles of Chemotherapy with drugs 'Docetaxel' and EPIRUBICIN, with doses after every 21 days.

Thereafter, her PET scan done in Dec 14 indicated that the cancer is no longer active. This was followed by another PET in May 2015 with similar observation.

Another PET was done in Nov 2015, which indicated that the cancer is active again and this time doctors gave chemotherapy with GEMCITE in cycles of 1-8-21 with 6 such cycles. Also, another biopsy (this time through Liver) was done which indicated that the cancer is triple negative. The PET of March 2016 indicated some decrease in size and activity. So doctors continued with this Chemo for month on April and May, however she had regular fevers with this Chemo. The last fever lasted for almost 15 days, including 5 days of hospitalization. Upon which the latest PET was done on May 30, 2016, which indicated that the cancer is active again. Thereafter, she was given 2 doses of Halaven in Nov 2016.

Recently the patient has problem of understanding words and speaking. Opens eyes for few minutes and then sleep again. Plus stomach is very enlarged. Doc Sai calcium is high around 1.31 . Also said lft is 3+ and high uric acid and ammonia..

Please suggest if any other options are there for treatment  which can be useful in this case.
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