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Tumors outside the body

Can breast cancer grow on outside of breast
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Breast cancer is basically cancerous cells in breast tissue. So this is when mammo tissues start dividing wrong. Sometimes a person can have some mammo tissues reaching towards their arm pit area and this can be breast cancer. Also if there is cancerous cells on the nipples this would also be considered breast cancer. So yes, in a way breast cancer can grow out of where one would normally think of as the breast. That being said you can still get skin cancer on the breast without it being breast cancer, so a tumor on the breast isn't always breast cancer. However you can't get breast cancer on your foot, it's a different tissue so even though a foot can have cancer it wouldn't be breast cancer.

Although when a cancer spreads sometimes they do call it the original cancer still and sometimes they don't so I'm a little confused on that part. For example my grandma had colon cancer, when it metastasized into her liver her dr's didn't say she had liver cancer, just tumors in the liver. So if you're talking about metastasized tumors, that part is a little confusing to me and above my head.

Honestly the rule of thumb is if you have any odd patches of skin, weird lumps, or changes anywhere in your body it's best to have a dr look at it. There are all different kinds of tumors so even if it isn't breast cancer, if it's suspicious it should be seen to.
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Yes cancer can grow on the outer skin...let me try to wxplain..with breast cancer, and usually if this happens it has metastisized to other areas and is agressive, the tumors grow from within, the ones that are deep in the tissue or muscle stay there ut the tumors spread as cells multiply, divide & grow and they can be closer to the skin, on the inside but at the dermis layer and when this happens the tumors protrude to the outer layer of the skin...the main one will usually be malformed inother words not symmertrical or round, really dark brown in color and then smaller ones sometimes called nodes look like big warts. And then there is of course, as the person abive stated, skin cancer, which depending on what type of skin cancer can have several differnent looks by color and shape. If you suspect you have breast cancer please please have a mammo asap...breast cancer, any cancer, can become agressive really quickly if not detected & treated early on....my sister in law...well...she will not be one of the survivors...please get checked...God Bless
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

There are three modes of spread. Directly, the tumor increases in size and invades the adjoining structures. Through the lymph it can spread to lymph nodes. And by the blood stream, the tumor cells can get lodged in distant organs.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Most cancers can metastasis - meaning cells from your breast can travel to other parts of the body via lymph or blood vessles and if these cells have cancer in them then the originall cancer will spread.  These metastatic cells (mets) can pretty much go anywhere as our bodies are just a huge collection of cells.  Liver, lung, bone and brain are the most common sites for metastacised breast cancer, but yes! breast cancer can be on the outside of the breast - these would be skin mets.
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