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Type of cancer

I've read that a better prognosis is given where the cancer is ER/PR positive HER negative.

Is this different/better than ER positive PR negative HER negative?

Once you've moved to stage 4 is this still relevant (ie Is it better to be ER/PR+ HER-)?

Why is HER+ considered to give a worse prognosis?  As I understand it new drugs are coming on line to tackle this so presumably this will improve?

I have also read that the worst prognosis is given when the cancer is "triple negative".  Is this worse than ER/PR negative HER positive?

Are there any studies/papers/statistics on any of this?


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ER/PR positivity is better than ER/PR negativity, because presence of these receptors renders the patient sensitive to hormonal manipulation by drugs like tamoxifen, Anastrazole, and Letrozole.
The presence of HER2/Neu positivity means that the patient expresses high levels of a receptor belonging to the EGFR family. This worsens the prognosis.
SOme more information is available here: http://www.breastcancer.org/treatment/hormonal/what_is_it/hormone_role.jsp?gclid=CP2pxaXegJICFQUZewodzzhX4A
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Hi Bobby1973

Thank you for your feedback.  Much appreciated



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