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breast reconstruction options??

please i need 2 know everything about breast reconstruction.. anyone who gone through thise procedure, how difficult it is?? what are the best options?? how many days it took for recovery?? will i get cancer again with new boobs?? or how please i need everything about this surgery ... and ill be soooo greatful!

p.s: has anyone heared of the magical drinks that call,ANTI OXIDANTS?? they say it helps for cancer?? does it really help? anyone who try it??

thank u aloot ..
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Your best information source regarding reconstruction would the Expert Forum "Reconstructive Surgery" where questions are answered by a Plastic Surgeon. Antioxidents are good for you but certainly not "magical". You can find various suppliments containing antioxidents in almost any form. Once you have been diagnosed with breast cancer there is always the possibility that you might have a recurrance or metastises to other parts of the body. Another suggestion if you want the experiences of other survivors who have had all types of reconstruction you might ck. out this website where there is a section on reconstruction.   (bcsupport.org)     Good luck .....
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I'm new on this board so I'm not sure if I sent a private message to you the correct way...but I hope you got it.  I replied to your questions you asked me.  I also wanted to agree with the poster "above" as where to find the best information.  In fact I gave you  the same link she did...it really is the best place you can find to get all the information you need on reconstruction.

Let me know if you got my private email?  I would appreciate it very much...I just want to make sure I am sending them right?   Keep searching and gathering as much information as you can...it can be alot of work and over whelming at times but its really worth it.  Knowledge is power as they say.


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There are quite a few options in reconstruction.  I personally had a TRAM reconstruction (they take muscle, fat and skin from the abdomen or other area of the body such as the buttocks to make a breast).  I also know women who have had a DIEP reconstruction (similar without the muscle but more complicated).  Then there is always silicon/saline breast implants using expanders to give more skin availability at the site.  And there are probably other procedures, too.

The BEST way to find out what is right for you and your body is to talk with a plastic surgeon.  How do you find a good one?  Ask ladies in your community if they know anyone who has gone through this... ask your doctors that you see regularly what they think of the available doctors.  Talk with numerous people to get a feel for who and what is available in your area.

I literally found my doc from a discussion at a baby shower.  Another woman had reconstruction done by my doc and she had nothing but good stuff to say about him.  I asked my docs about him and they approved of him very much, so much so that they got me an appointment with him when it was time.

To do this, you need local input....  find out if there is a cancer survivors group in the area and join.  Talk with the women at the oncologists office, get some opinions.  Then make a decision.  What reconstruction is right for one person is often not right for another.  It all depends on what you have to work with (literally).

Good luck to you!
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