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Dear Sirs,

Please explain my pathology report. and tell me what is my heath status and the servival rate for me and recurrence rate for my case.

Clinical History: A Case of Right Breast Mucinous Carcinmoa
Size of Mastectomy 14*11*5 Cm
Dimensions of the skin 4.5*5 Cm
Histology type: Mucinous Carcinmoa, Grade I
DCIS present: No
Size of invasive component: 8 Cm
Superficial 4mm
Deep Involved
Medial 1mm
Inferior 0.5mm
Superior 2mm

Lymphovascular involvement: yes
Axillary lymph nodes Number 17   Involved 9
Extranodal deposits: yes
Paget's disease: No
Skin involvement: No
Medial pectoral Fascial free of tumor

**My case was localized cancer in right breast. I taken Adjutant therapy 8 rounds of Chemo, then Radical mastectomy with reconstruction ....

thanks for your help.
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Hi there.

Judginf from the histopath report, it seems that your disease is already in stage III (due to the amount of involved lymph nodes and the size of the main tumor).  It is indeed helpful that you received adjuvant chemotherapy for this.  Another negative prognostic factor in your case is the involvement of the deep margins.  This can hasten recurrence and increase over all chance of local failure and cancer spread.  I suggest that you discuss with your doctor regarding further treatment in the form of radiation therapy..


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