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granulomatous mastitis

I had a small mass 4 month ago and I went to the doctor just to make sure that I do not have something bad. he told me that I have to make an ultrasound and it sowed I have 2 cm abscess. then he made a drainage with using cloxacillin
two weeks later I had a fever with swelling and redness in the same area. I went to ER, the told me I have to make another surgery, so they made a drainage again. 1 week later, the area turned to red and green. so I went to a breast consultant and he told me this is kind to CGM. NOW, every thing is gone, but I still feel this a small mass that I had 4 month ago.
I am worried about if the granulomatous mastitis can turn to cancer and how many month do I need to wait until I feel Ok, and How Successful Is Surgery?
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