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how to avoid breast cancer

hi i like to know how to avoid breast cancer

can someone please tell me how?

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I am no expert, but I think I know enough to say that there is no way to avoid this terrible disease. You just need to make sure you take care of yourself and go for annual mammograms. Especially if it runs in your family. Don't wait too long and don't put these tests off. That's what happened to my mother and by the time she was diagnosed her cancer had already spread and she was only 50 at the time of diagnosis.
Hope this helps.
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The risk factors for breast cancer include obesity, OCP use and HRT use, alcohol - so these should be avoided.

It is seen that women who have no children, or have children at greater than 30 years of age are at a greater risk of breast cancer.

Physical activity is known to decrease breast cancer risk.

Apart from this, regular breast self exams and periodic follow up examinations with complete clinical evaluations by a physician and annual follow up mammograms and or USG after the age of 40 years are recommended.

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I had a Mammogram Jan.2008 just for check up. Result: Normal.
Three months later, I have changes on my breast appearance. My family physician prescribed me an antibiotic for 4 weeks. It did not help and I developed Yeast Infection. I asked y family physician  for Urine test or MRI to rule out breast carcinoma.  He refused.

After two  months, my breast was aching and I had a lump under my armpit.  I went to Emergency.  The surgeion ordered an MRI.  The result:  Stage III breast Carcinoma.  I was extremey shocked.  I went for  chemotherapy ASAP.  The chemotherapy is worst than the cancer. Chemotherapy shut down my Immune System and I was susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

I do not have a family history of any cancer. I am from the Philippines.  I moved to Canada when I was 20 years old. I do not smoke, don't drink alcohol, do not drink milk or consumed a large amount of meat products.

I am not fat or obesed.  I am 100lb 5ft tall. But I have a very stressful job for the last 20 years.  I am sleep deprived. I developed hypertension and take Atacand medication.

I spent my extra money on supplements from Health Foods stores to
avoid any cancer diseases.

To Avoid Cancer:  Avoid stressfull job or rerelationship for a long period, avoid supplements, processed foods.  Avoid Mammogram procedure because it is very painful and absolete, and money making procedure.  Go for MRI.

Eat lots of fresh green foods raw or partly cooked. Lots of sleep, so your body can heal and regenerate  and increase White blood cells count to fight viruses, bacteria.

Prayers to the Father Almighty, God the son Jesus and the Holy Spirit is helping me the Chemotherapy time.  I put God on hold before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now,  I am on my 6th chemotherapy cycle.  I know it is God that accompany me during this awfull Chemotherapy sessions.

Bye and God bless.

LisaBee  from Winnipeg MB Canada
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How to avoid Breast Cancer?  Don't trust anything if you feel a lump. I had a lump that came and went with my periods. Had reg yearly mamos with dense breast tissue. When the lump didnt go away I made an appt and todl the tech I had a lump. They didn';t see anything on that mamo, I looked at it as well.(Im a nurse and had it done at the place I worked); Make life changes, Dietary changes decrease red meat, drink green tea if you don't like the taste mix it with reg tea. Vit D Vit B Vit E Vit C, Flaxseed Ground in cereal or yogurt. Take time for yourself. Decrease Stress. There is alot you can do to try to prevent Breast Cancer. Good luck. Read.................
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Studies have shown that women who have breast and colon cancer are deficient in VIT D.
It is also suggested that soy products have  estrogen in and  could possibly feed the tumor.  Now, saying that, almost everything in the grocery stores has soy in it.  Just pick the ones that are way down  on the list of ingredients.  There is no absoulute proof that soy is a culprit but studies are now  coming out about it.  
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I can't believe this happened to you.  How could that doctor not order a mammo or mri or something.  You have every right to ask for it.  It is your life and girl,  you have to take control.  That doctor should lose his license.  
I don't have any breast cancer in my family either.  but I have Stage IIIB.  They call it a "bad luck tumor".   It just happens.  
and if it weren't for my Heavenly Father, I would have gone bezerk.  
Hang in there and stay tough.  
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