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metastatic breast cancer

I've been told you can live up to 10 yr with met breast cancer to the bones.  The dr says more chemo can be fatal and has started faslodex with some response - cancer marker CA27/29 down from 335 to 189 in 2 mo.  Sx include excessive musous, fatigue, bloated abdomen with diarrhea and constipation and pain (worse since radiation on low back to relieve pain and reduce tumor burden on spine with advanced tumors.  Are these signs of end stage, and what is the prognosis at this point.  Have had 2.5 yr of chemo for recurrence, had chemo and radiation for 1st occurrence after lumpectomy and 8 lymph nodes removed.  Cancer metastesized in a year.  Does smoking make it worse?  Dr told me to quit but I can't.  
confused and worried
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Mets to the bone is one of more easily managed events. As far as how long a person can live depends on many things ... it would impossible to speculate on a specific number of years of survival. Radiation can cause some of the symptoms you describe but it's necessary in the control of the disease. Smoking certainly isn't good for us and there are several methods to aid in quitting. With all the help available today there isn't such a thing as "I can't quit". Chemo isn't often used for bone mets and there is a limit as to how much the body can tolerate.  Kindest regards ....
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My mom has bone metastasis and she is on zometa
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My mother also has breast cancer that has gone to her brain and bones.  They were giving her zometa which helped a lot however it has since eaten through her jawbone so she can no longer use it.  I also believe the smoking is different per every doctor.  My mom's oncologist told her not to worry quitting as per scans done on her chest it is not effecting her in a negative way at all.  I'm very sorry to all of you out there going through this, it is a horrible disease and all we can do is hang in there and be there for our friends and family when they need us.
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