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my mother having 2 cysts in axila and one on front

we are much tense abt her mother report, although she is fine but she has a cancer probably on stage 3, she has 3 cysts on her breast on one front which is disapear almost after chemotheropy and 2 are on her axila, i want to know wat stage it is? and is it treatable, her surgery will be on next week, she has completed 8 chemotheropy cycles 4 for HCL and 4 for TOXIL,
Additional, there are no cancer germs on her bone or skin yet.

plz ans me thanks in advance.
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I am sorry to hear that your mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, but it is good news that her tumors are responding to the neoadjuvant (prior-to-surgery) chemotherapy, and that no distant metastases (spread to bone or internal organs) has been detected.

You have not provided enough information for anyone here to know her stage. The answer to that question would best be obtained from her oncologist, who has available all of her test results and other details of her case, and who will be able to determine her stage after the pathology report comes back from her surgery and, if necessary, other evaluation is completed.

Best wishes to both you and your mother...
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thanks for ur reply and best wishes, but as far as wat ur experience says which stage of cancer it should be?
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hi hope u fine, well i got lots of courage from ur views and i need to ask more and plz help me abt it as soon as possible, yesterday my mother's breast ultra sound has been done and i have a report of that ultra sound i want to ask abt that ultra sound wat is it,

History: ca breast before surgery
Report: Bilateral breast ultra sound was performed.
Previously noted irregular hypoechoic mass at 11 o'clock position in the left breast if occult on today's examination. Two enlarged lymph nodes were preserved central fatty hilum are noted in the left axila, the largest has cortical thickness of 3mm.
No solid or cystic lesion seen in the right breast. Right axilla is clear.

well that was a report now can u plz tell me wat is it? and 2nd wat to do now? on monday she has a surgery. i am waiting for ur reply thanks.
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Hi again,

I am sorry to tell you that it is still not possible for me to determine the stage.

The stage is determined after surgery in most cases, and is based on size and number of tumors; whether and how many lymph nodes are found to be positive for cancer; if any are poisitive, whether it has spread into adjacent tissue (whether have they become matted together or into nearby tissue), and then further tests (scans) may need to be done to see if there is now any suggestion of "distant mets" (metastases to other parts of the body), etc. Once the Stage of the cancer is determined, other factors that influence what type of additional  treatment may be needed are Grade of the tumor (how aggressive the cancer is); hormone receptor status (ER/PR); whether it is HER-2 status is positive or negative; and so on.

I appreciate your confidence in me, and  please understand that I am not putting you off. The surgeon and pathologist and oncologist are truly the only people that will eventually have available all of the information needed to provide the answers you are seeking.

It is very difficult to deal with uncertainty and the unknown, but with cancer, the answers only unfold gradually, after many tests and procedures. At this point all you can do is be there for her (emotionally, if not in person) and assure her you will help her with this in any way you can.

I hope your mother's surgey goes well.

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p.s. Sorry,  I overlooked part of your question:

What I was able to understand from the ultrasound report is that the tumor in her left breast could no longer be seen, but the two axillary (underarm) nodes still appear enlarged.

The right breast was also studied, and no lesion was seen in it, nor any underarm abnormality. (Good news!)

Please update us about how her surgery goes, and also what the pathology report indicates--we care!

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thanks a lot sir for ur guidance we are very tense abt that situation, sure i will let u know after surgery and also tomorrow because tomorrow is our meeting with consulted surgon, i will inform u wat she said thanks again sir

take very best care of urself :)
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Thanks, you are very gracious in your communications.

Just to clarify, I am a female. (You can a learn a little about members/answerers  by letting your cursor hover over their names, highlighted in blue. Or if you click on their names, it will take  you to their profile pages, were you can see a list of all their posts, notes, pictures, journals, etc.

Also, the questions in this forum and the Breast Cancer Community Forum (which is much more active, and which you might want to visit sometime when you have the time available) are answered by survivors and other volunteers, generally not identified as medical professionals.

If you specifically want an answer by a professional, you can also post questions in the Breast Cancer Expert Forum. (You can go to the other forums by clicking on their names in the column to the right of where we are posting, in the boxes labeled "Related Communities" and "Related Expert Forums."

You take care too,
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I'm sure you meant to convey your good wishes to farhan084, who posted requesting information on behalf of his mother.

I join you in wishing her the best as she undergoes surgery today.

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surgery went fine, well need to ask u one thing, i have her complete reports before surgery and chemotheropy can i mail u? it will help u to tell me the stage of cancer i guess, and after surgery FNA report will be send u as i get
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I am so pleased to hear that the surgery went well!

As I mentioned above, I am a volunteer and not a doctor, so it would be best to have your mother's oncologist explain all of the findings and tests, what Stage she is in, and what further treatment is indicated. Another possibility would be to post in the BC Expert Forum (see my Dec, 23rd, 5:11 p.m.  post above  for instructions).

But do keep letting us know how your mother is doing...

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