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Vacuolated Neutrophils on Ibrance

First off I have stage IV breast cancer with a single nodule measuring 1.5 cm in my upper left lobe. So I had considerable back pain about a week and a half ago which caused me to go to the ER. While there they did a battery of tests, labs CT scans. After all of this they found that the pain I had was likely muscular. Node was stable, lymph nodes were slightly increased in size. The scans said nodule was grossly stable. So I got access to my patient portal today and I looked over my lab work. My platelets were 450 and it stated that vacuolated neutrophils were present. Of course I googled this and now I’m freaking out. I’m currently on Ibrance and Arimidex. The ER doc didn’t mention any sort of infection etc. I just got access to read my labs yesterday but it’s been over 7 days since my visit. I feel a little fatigued and my sinuses are BANANAS, but nothing to make me panic. Did they miss something in the ER? Is this something serious?
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I'm very sorry you've not received any answers for this question  Please give us an update and we'll go from there and we hope that your worries have been relieved.
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Thanks for responding. I still don’t have any more information can you help?
That is really hard that they are not providing more help to you to understand what is going on. Your oncologist has no ideas or guidance for you? I would meet with them to ask all the pertinent questions.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320439#overview  Back pain is not uncommon with advanced breast cancer. What you want to know is if it means the cancer is metastasizing and causing this pain such as within bones. Other factors can be the tumor pressing and causing pressure and even treatments you are undergoing.  But you should, with your staging of cancer, be able to have more information than what they are giving.  

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