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Breast biopsy

I recently had a breast biopsy and don't understand the results. The comment and diagnosis are as follows:

Clinical summary & procedure:
Small left 3 o'clock breast mass; possibly fibroadenoma. Left 3 o'clock breast mass for FNA.

Cytological diagnosis:
Left breast mass at 3 o'clock (fine needle aspiration)
-Mildly atypical ductal cells present

Macroscopic Examination:
Specimen labelled as "left breast 3 o'clock". Received is 7ml of brownish turbid rinsing fluid.

Microscopic Examination:
The cell block sections of the left breast aspirate show moderate number of relatively bland-looking and mitotically inactive ductal cells arranged in cohesive clusters, abortive papillae or distorted tubules and admixed with scattered myoepithelial cells and foamy macrophages in the background(Figure 1). Some of these ductal cells however show mild cytological atypia with mild variation in nuclear size and nuclear hyperchromasia. No high-grade pleomorphic cells are found here. While the above cytological findings can be seen in benign proliferative breast lesion(such as sclerosed intraduct papilloma) with reactive atypia, excisional biopsy for thorough histological assessment is advised.

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According to the Radiologist,the lump in your left breast is possibly a complex Fibroadenoma.I don't think you should worry,because the findings do not indicate breast cancer.
Your biopsy report states that some cells are mildly"Atypical" meaning that they look a little abnormal.But this condition can be found also in benign lesion.
The radiologist has suggested removing the entire lump so it can be analyzed by a pathologist,just to make sure that there are not mixed type of cells that may increase your risk of breast cancer.
The surgery procedure is not complicated, and your recovery should be quick and uneventful.
In my opinion it's best to take this lump out of your body to be on the safe side and also to avoid more frequent screening in the future.
Regarding the specific terms used on your report,your doctor would be your best source of information.I am sure everything will be explained to you in details.
Wishing you benign findings on your upcoming lumpectomy and final pathology results.
All the best!...
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