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Mom found a lump beside her breast.

My mom had breast cancer 3 years ago and the Dr removed her right breast. Now she found a lump beside her right breast about 2 inches round but not quite found but very hard. Do you think it could be cancer?
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Hello, welcome to the forum. Thank you for the question. I'm sure this is stressful to your mother and you. After cancer, living in fear of it returning is natural. Any lump found in the breast area should be evaluated. Does your mom go for routine rechecks? I would call her doctor to be immediately looked at and this lump examined. It very well could be nothing! Because your mom has a new lump in the same area as where she had cancer and it is firm, it needs to be looked at as soon as possible. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/recurrent-breast-cancer/symptoms-causes/syc-20377135  This does not mean her cancer has returned by any means but it means there is a possibility. And remember, treatment for breast cancer is well established and effective. Earlier it is diagnosed, the better the outcome. So, put anxiety aside and make the call. Other things it could be are a swollen gland or cyst which does happen in that area. That it is two inches round sounds like it could be fluid filled and would be more like a cyst or swollen gland they will just aspirate. But please have her call her doctor today. Let me know the outcome.
Thank you she has an appointment this Thursday! As I worry because my mom is 92 years old and she is so strong. Going through cancer and fingers crossed that this is nothing .
I hope your mom's appointment went well today!
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I just wanted to say good luck to you mum!  I had a lump about that size and it was an infected sweat gland. It felt firm to the touch. They aspirated it and I started antibiotics. I'm glad though, with your mom's history, that you are taking her and hope it turns out to be something like I had. hugs
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Hi sorry took about to answer as the holidays were here. My mom went and got a biopsy done last week we are now waiting for the results.
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