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??/about my mammo report

The report I have received other years is just  everything is okay and a repeat  mammogram in one year is advised etc etc.

I just got my report  and it says no evidence of breast cancer but goes on to say  my breasts are 75% fat and 25% glandular.. What does this mean?.

Than  it says if your breasts are heterogeneously or extremely dense it means you have a increased risk of breast cancer and   this makes it harder to find on a mammo. I thought dense and fatty breasts were the same. This report has me confused as I never received a report as this.. My mother had breast cancer 2 times  and 4 cousins  on my mothers side have  had it. One is having a repeat  cancer in the other breast, so I really fear it.t.

Thank you for your help, line
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I don't see anything to be concerned about ..... it seems that the latest report was issued by a different Radiologist OR the institution has changed it's methods of reporting. This is certainly a much better and more complete report than "everything is OK". Dense tissue is just that ... whether it is made of up fatty or glandular cells. The only reason to say that it increases your risk is that this type of tissue is more difficult for some tests to "see through". I would say that half of all women, or even more, have dense breast tissue. Actually I would rather see it stated that dense breasts increase the risk of BC NOT being discovered at a very early stage rather than just increasing your risk period. I can understand how fearful you may be with your family history but just keep up with your yearly Mammograms and Ultrasounds as well as monthly breast exams. If there is anything questionable a Breast MRI can be ordered which is a more sensitive type of test.   Regards ..,..
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I just noticed you're from Pennsylvania, and like many other states, there are new laws that require patients be informed in their mammogram reports about their breast density. Here's an article you may find helpful:
If you still have concerns, please talk to your physician about your specific case. Statistics don't mean much if they aren't considered in the context of  an individual. I'm hoping a talk with your doctor will ease your mind and you'll get appropriate monitoring.
Wishing you all the best and good health in the future.
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I did fail to mention after telling me no cancer was found and about self exams and yearly mammo's plus my fatty breasts, there is a sentence in darker print that says if your breasts are classified as entirely fat or scattered fibroglandular the following does not apply to you. Than it goes onto to tell you about dense and extremely dense breasts. Since mine are 75% fat and 25%  glandular, actually says  your breasts are almost entirely fat, I imagine the dense does not apply.

I did get a letter from my Drs. office that my mammo was fine and she surely stays on top of everything with her patients.
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