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breast lump

I noticed a breast lump on my left breast  from around 3 to 4 years and recently i have visited doctor and they had taken the mammograph and ultra sound, and they found 2 more lumps on right breast also.And immediately on the same say the nurse say the reports and told that i have altogether 3 solid masses, most likely they are fibroadnoma.

And she gave the appoinment with  breast specialist  and after the appointment with breast specialist , if needed  they have given me the biopsy appoiment also. I got dr's appoitment after 10 days, and i am bit worried about are those the benign lumps as the nurse told.
And can you tell me what it could be, will the nurses daigose correctly.I am worried a lot.
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Of course you are worried; we all are when we find that there is something
"not right". I'm glad you are following thru and keeping the appointments that have been made for you. I would be more comfortable relying on the opinion of the Radiologist who read your films but only the reommended biopsy will tell for sure.
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What is your age?

Have you noticed any other abnormal features on breast self examination like nipple discharge or skin changes, etc?

Only a biopsy could give you the confirmed diagnosis and rule out cancer.

But from what you describe, it looks probable that this could be a fibroadenoma - which is a benign lesion and would need regular follow ups. It would need to be surgically removed only if it causes pressure symptoms or is very painful.

Just relax and prepare yourself for the biopsy. Let us know what the biopsy reports say.

Post us if you have any more doubts.

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Thanks, for the repl. I am 32 year old.
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Let us know about the reports when they come in.

Also post in case you have any doubts and update us on how you are doing.

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