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12 year old daughter with breast lump

Can anyone help?  My 12 year old daughter, who had neuroblastoma as an infant, has a small lump in her right breast.  She has not reached puberty yet.   Today is Saturday and I plan to talk to the doctor on Monday, but until then, worry, worry, worry.  I've read that lumps are common in girls and boys as they start puberty; however, since my daughter has been through cancer once, I am very concerned.  Any words of wisom?
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Hi there.

I understand your concern regarding this lump considering what she had during her childhood.  Indeed, any new lump or mass that comes up after a previous diagnosis of cancer should be worked up as if this were cancer recurrence until proven otherwise.  However, it is rather more likely that this is a separate condition rather than that of neuroblastoma recurrence due to the fact that it has been years since the diagnosis of neuroblastoma.  Also, the breast is rather an unusual site for neuroblastoma recurrence.  This is more likely that of a normal occurrence during puberty but I would still agree you inform her doctors about it.

Regards and God bless.
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