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13 year old son

my 13 year old son has a hard lump under each breast. I had these when I was his age. they eventually went away by about 17. is this normal?
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Breast cancer can occur in males, but it is very rare. When it does happen, it is most often in a man older than 50 years of age (the average age is 60) and it is usually related to hormone disturbances.

Breast cancer in adolescent males is virtually unheard of. However, teenage boys going through puberty commonly develop a tender lump under the nipple of one or both breasts. This condition is called “gynecomastia.” It is normal, temporary, and not a sign of breast cancer.
What your son has is perfectly normal,but if you are terribly concerned,a visit to the doctor would be beneficial and reassuring.
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i would say its nothing to worry about. a) because of his age, b) because hes a male and c) because its in both breasts.
gynecomastia is actually where men develop breasts because of excess hormones. what size are the lumps? if they are quite small they could just be cysts ie fluid filled sacs. i had one of these which was very small on my chest wall, i did show it to my doc but she kind of laughed at me it was so small. if ur worried just mention it the next time u go but i wouldnt go especially or anything.
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