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14 year old male lumps behind nipple

hi im 14 and a few months ago i got a firm lump behind my right nipple. it didint hurt. now its gone mostly but im getting one on my left nipple, any adivce thanks
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You are passing through an important part of your life where your body is going through various changes. The growth and development through your adolescence reflects some of these changes in the breast tissue.

There is nothing to be alarmed about. In fact this is called Thelarche. You can discuss with an adult around you or your doctor.

Let me know if you have any other doubts/queries.

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im a 14 year old male asking why i have a pea size lump under my right nipple and im afraid it brest cancer does any one know anything and can help me please
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also it feels like its bruised it hurts a little
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If you read the response to the other young man you saw that this can likely be a natural occurance that is fairly common among your age group. If you are especially worried about this you should have it ck.d out by your Family Dr. Please don't ever be embarrassed to tell an adult about things like this that concern you.
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