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16 year old male with hard small lump behind nipple

Hey I was just taking a shower when I noticed a lump behind my left nipple. i think there is like a smaller lump behind my right nipple as well. there is no discharge or discoloration or any other symptoms. although sometimes it feels tender. i was wondering is this normal at this age or could it be something serious
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These kind of lumps, that you describe, are the result of a condition called Gynecomastia which usually occur in teenage boys.This is caused by Hormonal Imbalance during puberty.
For someone your age this problem shouldn’t be a cause for too much concern.It is likely that this condition will return to normal on its own without treatment.
However,if you would like reassurance or feel that these changes have been with you for longer than you are comfortable with, then you should see you GP who will certainly be familiar with this condition.
Take care....
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