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18 and a breast lump that hurts.

Hi, I'm 18, In my right breast I have a lump less than a inch wide that i noticed in the last few weeks. When I told my mom she said it was nothing to worry about "its just hormones,"  her mind changed when she felt the lump.. The lump hurts, like a sore throb, It hasn't grown or shrunk... Also from the mid rib cage to my right sholder and down to the bottom of my rib cage is a little uncomfortable, this is the same side as the breast lump, ( It feels like pressure, or numbness.)  I will be visiting the doctor Monday, but I'm now worried because of my friends concerns which drew me into having fears, and now I need someones Opinion...  
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hi there, i wouldnt worry too much its not likely to be cancer because cancers not normally painful. also at ur age its more likely to be a fibrodema or something benign. it can be related to hormone changes. i think its only like 3% of people under 40 get b cancer. so breathe. x
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