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18 and have breast lump

I have had a lump in my breast for the past three years and never got a check up for it. I got it first when I was 16. It is located above my nipple on my right breast and is not very large. It moves around slightly and is hard at times. It hasn't increased in size and it is like the size of a pea.

It sometimes gives me pain but that is usually either before my period or during it. There are no other symptoms.

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It is most probably a benign lesion called fibroadenoma or breast mouse. But nothing can be said with certainty without a proper clinical evaluation. Schedule an appointment with your physician and see what he has to say and whether any intervention needs to be done for it. Goodluck.
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my 27 year old  daughter discovered 4 lumps in her breasts when she had a physical.   needle biopsy on Monday, but today, Saturday, a lump appeared in her armpit.  Any ideas
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