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19yr old 2nd lumpectomy suspected phyllodes.

I am getting a multiple lumpectomy done on the 18th of this month. Im only 19. And have had this same sort of op 2 yrs ago. I just wish it'd stop. They turned out the be fibroadenomas last time but this time they think they are phyllodes. I don't know whether to consider a double mastectomy and reconstruction just for the peace of mind? Is there anything that i can do that can possible reduce the risks of these lumps coming back.

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These are both benign conditions and regarding the Fibroadenomas; they are usually just left alone after being proven by biopsy, especially at your young age. Phyllodes can be either benign or malignant which is usually also proven by biopsy. Phyllodes however are usually removed but may return just as the Fibroadenomas do. I think what you are proposing is rather drastic and I doubt that any type of Insurance would cover this surgery for the reason you state. About half of all women are affected by Fibrocystic Breast Condition so it is not at all unusual. Phyllodes tumors are also not terribly unusual but need to be removed with wide excision.   Regards ....
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Thnx Japdip. I just find it interfering with everything. The waiting for the op the procedure itself the recovery and then always checking for more. Ive had 8 more lumps some in my axillas pop up in the last 3mnths since the larger possible phyllodes where found. There both a bit bigger than an apricot and were only 10mm wen they were found 3 mnths ago. I cant work in the Vet clinic because a bump or injury is very likley with jumpy injured animals or even bubly pups. Last lumpectomy i had 2 mnths later i had internal bleeding because of it being bumped. so its just annoying and stressful because they just keep popping up. Idk if that helps in understanding why im feeling the way i do.
Thankyou for your advice =)
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