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2 issues: Male left nipple feels bruised & Pain in my Collar Bone area

FOUNDATIONAL FACTS:  I am a 31 (soon to be 32) y.o. male.  I am morbidly obese (about 200+ lbs overweight).  I am not concerned with that at this point in my life.  Just thought I would add it in case it may be a cause of these 2 issues (which I VERY seriously doubt!).  I just want to know what I am dealing with and would like to treat it myself, if possible.  I would appreciate some of your honest opinions/feedback concerning the two issues below.  Thanks in advance!

First issue:  I have constant nagging pain/discomfort in the middle of my right collar bone area, under or in the middle of the soft area behind/under the clavicle (don't know any other way to describe it- I guess it is the area between my shoulder blade from the lung side and the clavicle).  I experience no other pain in my shoulder, neck, or back to connect this with.  It does restrict my range of motion somewhat if I try to extend my arm above my head.  There is more pain when I lift my entire arm up to about ear height between 355° to 0°N (maybe 5-8 degrees of motion there is much more pain).  I've been having this pain for a little over 2 months now and it is getting worse.  I am left handed and the pain is on the right side- should be much less use or movement from that side of my body over the years.  I did play baseball/softball from 5 yoa till I was about 29.   I quit due to my weight.  I use to lift moderate to heavy weights about 5 years ago & I also played a lot of indoor & beach volleyball up till the end of last year- 2011.  I am left handed though and am confused why it would be my right side and not the opposite side hurting.  I would expect tendonitis or arthritis in my left shoulder or elbow and not so much in my collar bone area at that. IDK???

Second issue:  I have a sore left nipple.  It hurts like a bruise under the nipple area deep down all the time.  The nipple isn't sore but the tissue under it is.  I have done a self exam but felt no hardness or lumping to speak of.  I read somewhere that thought men get breast cancer it could potentially be more than likely testicular cancer before it would be breast cancer.  I don't know as I have NO MEDICAL ISSUES whatsoever other than I had asthma when I was a youngster, but have no problems with that in many years.

Any help would be very much appreciated.  Please don't bother telling me to lose weight.  I've heard it all before.  I am only concerned about these two issues mentioned above.  Thanks!
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Well, the way I see it .. you have 2 medical issues that need attention. I can't see that either one of these (the clavicular pain and the breast pain) would be something amenable to self treatment. Actually the treatment isn't the issue at all ... it's the diagnosis. Yes, men do indeed develop breast cancer and it certainly can be a single issue and not related to another cancer. IF it were related to another cancer it would be metastisis and that is rarely the case. There may be an outside possibility that your two problems could be related but I dout that from your descriptions. I think you should seek some professional help first for the breast issue; an Ultrasound would be valuable to determine if there is something lurking in the tissue below the nipple area. The pain in the clavicle area could be referred from another area .... I would also advise you to have some testing done regarding that if it doesn't improve with ordinary methods such as OTC pain medication, heat and / or ice to the area. Sometimes a pain of this nature can be due to a pinched nerve that in turn can be as simple as sleeping on your arm or some odd position that you aren't even aware of during sleep. You might also try one of the other Communities or Expert Forums that we offer regarding the clavical pain for some other ideas or insight. I stand by my recommendation about the breast issue though .. make an appointment soon, OK ???  Regards...
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Thank you for the response!  I'll consider your recommendation and also try to find a proper place to post concerning my clavicle issue for further advice.  
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