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2 lumps un breast and armpit

Hi.. Im 25 and about 2 years ago i found a lump in my left breast i went to a doctor she gave me a gel to use it for one month said if the lump got smaller then all is good but if not it must be removed by surgery unfortunately it didn't . not wanting to go under the knife i never went back to the doctor.. The lump became smaller and harder and nirly impossible to move but still i didn't check it again.. About two weeks ago i found a new lump in my underarm it was small but hard and it discharges some yellowish to green liquide i squeezed it and it starting getting bigger and harder and painful everyday and now i have pain in my chest cant tell if its in the left Brest or heart and by breasts are also itchy and a bit painfull no discharges from nipple im freaking out still didnt decide whether to see a doctor or no.. Help i don't know what im doing !! Thnx
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First of all, it’s best to see a doctor as soon as possible for the breast problems you have mentioned, especially to check the lump in your breast that got harder and fixed. Please ask your Doctor to order an Ultrasound or even a mammogram to make sure that there is nothing serious going on.
The lump in your armpit sounds like it could be something as simple as an infected cyst or inflamed hair follicle, and for this you would need antibiotics to clear it out.
Please take my advice and don’t let these breast problems go unchecked.. Call your doctor for an appointment okay?
Take care now…
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thank you for your reply.. i think i'll start by taking antibiotics and see how it goes from there. the problem is that i heard that mammogram can't really indicate the fact whether its cancer or no so then a biopsy is needed and I've known a person who had a benign tumor that turned into cancer after the biopsy.. some people told me that since i'm young its probably nothing i'm not "cancer age" but again both my gram-pa and gram-ma and their parents and sister died from cancer breast ovarian stomach colon u name it we have it in the family and i don't want to tell any of my parents my mom had a depression when her father and mother died it would be devastating to her to hear i have any risks so i'm doing this and keeping a low profile and its exhausting.
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You are welcome!
You are right that Mammograms/Ultrasounds cannot tell if a lump is cancerous or not. However, these tests are very useful to perceive the characteristics of any lump, and if it looks suspicious on films, a biopsy is always required to rule out cancer. A biopsy is perfectly safe and it’s not factual that a benign lump would turn into cancer after this procedure, unless the lump was misdiagnosed and it was cancerous in the first place.
I really don’t want to scare you by what I am saying. Of course it’s up to you to decide what to do if you want to have peace of mind, but please be aware that women younger than you could have this disease, especially if they have a family history of breast cancer. If I were you I wouldn’t want to take any chances and would do everything I can to find out what’s going on.
Good luck on whatever you decide…
thanks again for the answer. Surely your words are far from scaring and i think now that biopsy is harmless i'll go ahead and make an appointment with the doctor very soon.. i'll let you what happened.. thnx so much for the support :)
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Good for you rania!
Your decision is a very good one! I doubt that you have breast cancer but it's better knowing for sure than not knowing and worry needlessly.
I wish you all the best ! :)
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