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2 microcalcifications clusters

I'm 25 years old and had a 2/3 mammograms and a few ultrasounds done as part of of a follow-up checkup after treatment for breast abscess(the entire process started in 2008). After seeing the recent mammogram, my doctor advised me to have a biopsy done via mammogram localisation to find out whether the 2 microcalfications clusters are benign or malignant. the date has been fixed for me to go under GA for the biopsy. Now i'm wondering if i should get a second opinion before proceeding with the biopsy?

I'm a bit hesitant about this whole thing. Appreciate any advise. thanks in advance.  
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Very wise decision! I hope that every thing will turn up to be just fine.

Wishing you an uneventful biopsy and BENIGN results! :)

Please let us know,if you wish,about the results of your biopsy.

Thank you and good luck!
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well i think i should just go ahead with the biopsy and get over it once and for all. To get all my medical records out would need 3-4 weeks and visiting another doctor would be another 3-4 weeks too, which by the time I would have gotten the result of the biopsy.

I'm supposed to go for a mammogram localisation stereotactic biopsy,where thin wires will be inserted to mark out the 2 clusters and then undergo surgery to remove the tissue to look under the microscope.

Thanks for all your well wishes and luck!
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Clustered microcalcifications are sometimes, but not always, the result of breast cancer.   There are several possible causes for microcalcifications.  A biopsy is the only way, at this time, to know for sure what is there.  My advice is to go ahead with the biopsy and find out. Look at the biopsy as a way to get this thoroughly checked out and if the explanation is that is nothing to be concerned about, it is great news and you know for sure.  If there is cause for concern, you will know and be able to formulate a treatment plan to take care of the problem.  What type of biopsy are you having?  Do you understand the procedure?

Try to focus on what facts you and your doctor know and not allow yourself to go around and around with the "what-ifs.  Do not stress yourself out with needless worry.  Soon you will have a definitive answer and be able to move forward.  I am hoping for a good result for you.  Feel free to stay and touch and we will support you all we can.  I am thinking of you.
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Microcalcifications are quite normal in breast tissue and they are not harmful.However, microcalcifications that grow in a cluster may indicate that there is an abnormal growth in the area. It is proper in most cases to biopsy the area of microcalcifications when they appear clustered.
Of course you can always seek a second opinion by having your films read by another radiologist to see what he/she recommends.
Keep in mind that many biopsies done on clustered calcification return a benign finding and I sure hope that your biopsy results will be favorable too.
Take care...and good luck!
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