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2 solid nodule

my ultrasound report says,

scan of the right breast shows 2 solid nodules at 10 oclock position measuring 1.3x1.0cm and 0.7x0.3 cm. i had a little pain in my lower left side of the breast. my doctor says it is small and will ask the ultrasound section if possible to undergo core needle or the same, not really familiar with that.she also says that i had to monitor if it grows. and she made my next visit on july 25, 2008. i was a little worried because three months i guess would be a torture thinkin what is in my breast. i am planning a second opinion...so pls give me info why it seems my doctor handle this matter easy as if it is a not a serious case.

thanks and more GODBLESS!!!

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Hi there.

I understand your concern.  Getting a second opinion is OK.  Other tests can be done to determine the nature of these solid nodules.  A mammogram can give us a clue whether the mass is benign or malignant.  However, the mammogram findings are still clues and not definitive in nature.  A definitive diagnosis will really come from an invasive biopsy procedure, whether it is core needle biopsy (inserting a large bore needle) or an excision biopsy (removing the entire nodule).  Other characteristics of a nodule that can point out o a possible malignancy are irregular borders, gritty borders, and skin dimpling over the nodule.  I suggest you discuss these options with your doctor (or new doctor if you're planning a second opinion).  Regards and God bless..
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