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26 Year Old Male With Left Breast Lump

    I am a 26 year old male with a breast lump in my left breast. I have had this condition since I was about 21 and it has not gotten any larger(about the size of a quater)It is round but is not symetrical with my nipple it sets a little to the left of the middle. It is not smooth it has a firm lumpy feel to it and I can move it under the skin. The only other thing I notice is nipple swelling and sometimes some underarm pain that feels like a pulling muscle or something. Here lately have had a alot of joint pain. I was just wondering what could be the cause of it or if it could be cancer or underlying disorder. Any info would be a big help. Thanks
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Dear JBallard:  Breast cancer in men is uncommon, but possible.  It usually presents as a hard lump in the breast.  If the lump has not changed in 4 years, it is unlikely to be cancer but it should be evaluated by your doctor if it is causing you discomfort or concern.  
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I did go to a surgeon a few years ago and he said it appeared to be gynocamastia, but all he done was felt it. Does breast cancer have a distinguishing feel or should I get more indepth testing. I sometimes feel pressure behind my nipple but I can completely move the mass around. I was just kinda worried becuase now I am having alot of joint pain didn't know what else could be causing it. Thanks for the info.
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Tell your doctor you want it removed, that way you know for sure and you can forget about it,
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I was just wondering if you can diagnose it not been breast cancer just by feeling the mass. Does breast cancer have a specific feel or or shape. I have not had any other test. He told me that it was very uncommon for men to get but I have been having severe joint pain and bone pain. I can move the skin over the mass back and fourth and move the mass itself back and fourth. I just need a description of a breast cancer mass I guess. I also work on a computer all day and have been having a pulling feeling under my arm when I put my elbow against my body on the same side as the mass.Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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