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27yr old male, pec "breast" lump

This is my report below. Should I be concerned? Would a biopsy be urgent?


Clinical History: Right breast lump.
Findings: On mammography, there is a circumscribed soft tissue nodule measuring 1cm in diameter in the central right breast tissue. No associated calcification is seen. No other mass densities are seen.
On ultrasound, in the right breast, at the 10 o'clock position, 2cm from the nipple there is an ellipsoid hyperechoic lesion with a hypoechoic focus within it. The maximal diameter ofthe hyperechoic focus is 23mm. The irregular hypoechoic focus has a diameter of about 7mm, This shows minor central echogenìcity and minor post-sonic enhancement. Otherwise, no solid, suspicious or cystic lesions are seen.
In the right axìlla there is a 24 x 5mm node with normal fatty hìlum, of doubtful significance.
In the left axilla a non-specific 1.5cm node is noted.
Tissue sampling could be undertaken, as required
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It sounds as though tne radiologist didn't feel a lot of  concern about any of the findings, but did leave the door open for possible biopsy "as required."  Was a BI-RADS Category included in the report?

Since there was no specific recommendation for biopsy in the information you provided,
you might want to discuss the report with your physician or a breast specialist, to help you decide  whether you would feel more comfortable waiting to see if there are any changes on follow-up, or if you'd prefer to undergo biopsy now, for peace of mind, if for no other reason.

Best wishes...

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Great advice, thanks!
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