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2nd opinions

I had a mammogram and an ultrasound but doctor said I have a swollen glands under my arm but didn't mention the 2 dark spots I saw on the ultrasound. I want a 2nd opinion but am not sure how to get one
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First you should contact your Dr. and ask for an explanation of the report that he/she received from the Radiologist where you had your Mammogram and Ultrasound done. I'm sure if anything was "seen" on the films that they will be mentioned in the report along with an opinion as to what this represents. These dark spots you say you saw at time of Ultrasound may mean absolutely nothing unusual. When an Ultrasound is done and something is found that isn't normal the Radiologist usually speaks to the patient right then and there before they leave the facility. I'm not sure what type of second opinion you would want at this point since you haven't actually had an explanation of the reports. You could have the films read by another Radiologist but like I said you don't really know what was found, if anything at all. Swollen lymph nodes can be from many causes and not necessarily related to any breast problem. Nodes become swollen anytime there is an infection in any part of the body. In my opinion you haven't really gotten a "first" opinion yet so please have those reports explained to you in detail to determine IF there is a breast issue. If so then it would be wise to consult a Breast Specialist or follow whatever recommendation may have been made regarding the films by the Radiologist.  Regards ....
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