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3 month recall

Hi I am hoping to find some reassuence I went for my yearly mammo, August 29th, I was called back for a compression mammo on the 12th of September, after that was read I was kept for an ultrasound..I was then told everything was fine and sent home.  At my next family Doctor visit, he said they wanted me to come back for another mammo at three months.  I am 43 the report didn't make a lot of sense to me but I did read where it said "comparable to a benign cyst"  I am just freaked out that I have to go back again so soon if nothing is wrong.  I have a family history of breast cancer and wonder if they are just being extra careful.  My sil has breast cancer and told me if they were overly concerned they would have done a biopsy right away..

this has been going on since August I am booked for the next mammo December 5th, I am too stressed to eat, I have nightmares and don't feel I can cope well at all.

any help would be ever so appreciated before I lose my mind..
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Your sil is right, if there is something they are concerned over, someone is going to want to stick a needle in it immediately.  They are probably looking for changes to make sure they are correct in what they see.  Most of the time, it will be just a benign cyst, the ultrasound can give tell them if it's fluid filled or not.  

Please try not to worry too much.  At this point, you don't have any need to be freaked.  It's more than likely just something they want to watch.  If at your Dec 5th appt, they want to do a biopsy, go ahead and let them do what they need to.  A biospy is the definitive answer to any lump that might or might not be cancerous.  If they don't recommend a biopsy, then they are not too concerned with it.
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thanks so much for your quick reply, I did have the ultrasound done after the second mammo and he said it was fine, that is why I am so confused as to why I have to go back..

god bless you all here, I have been doing some reading and, the strength and love that comes from this site is amazing.  I am so sorry that anyone has to deal with these things.
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I also want to apologize for sounding like a big baby when so many here are dealing with so much more than I.  I guess it's bringing back a lot of hard memories for me.  I lost both my Mom and Grandmother to Breast Cancer.  It' just brought so much fear back.
thanks again
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Don't worry about being a big baby....breast cancer is indeed scary.  My mom went through it, and I am recovering from my own reconstruction.

Just know your own breasts and let someone know when you find something "different" than what you know to be your 'normal'.  Best of luck that you do not follow in your mom's and grandmother's footsteps for this.
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How long ago did you have your surgery? I don't know too much about reconstruction, I did meet a lady who had it, and the results were amazing.  Do you mind me asking how old you are?
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Hi, no I don't mind (I'm also lhughes69, by the way)...I'm now 38.  I was diagnosed when I was 36 with Stage 3 breast cancer.  I was 8 weeks pregnant at the diagnosis, had a full mastectomy with lymph node removal (1 node on sentinal node biopsy was positive), did chemo (4 rounds of A/C), had baby, did chemo (4 rounds of Abraxane) which was completed 6/6/06.  Completed 7 weeks radiation in late August of that year.  Had a tram-flap reconstruction surgery on April 30th of this year.

My new boob, which I lovingly call "frankenboobie", is pretty good for a man-made breast.  Mind you I didn't get to have reconstruction at the time of my mastectomy since reconstruction is a LONG surgery, so I have a few more scars than some folks.  They took some abdominal muscle, put some of my tummy fat with it and borrowed the skin (thankfully I had plenty due to two pregnancies back to back) from my stomach area to make a new boob.  They also relocated my belly-button when they tightened the skin, and put my other boob back in its proper location (with a minor reduction).  So, all in all, my body looks pretty much like it did before kids (in clothing).

The surgery is a bit difficult, but not so bad as to not ever want to do that again.  The nipple reconstruction was strange, but it worked.  I have a nipple, then they tattoo an areola around the nipple.  All in all, it took 16 weeks (about) to complete.  Sometimes they can do the nipple when the put back on the breast, but I had to have that done separately.

I don't really have feeling in the breast or in my stomach area, yet.  The stomach area may improve, but probably not the breast area.  I still have spots of non-feeling under my arm where the original surgery was 2 years ago.

If you have to have a boob redone, start asking around for a good plastic surgeon.  I got lots of recommendations for the one I went to from almost total strangers.  But right now, you aren't there and let's pray you don't get to go there!  ;)
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