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47 y/o male w/sensitive left nipple and tiny lump directly behind it
I am a 47 year old male.  For a couple weeks I have had a strange sensitivity that feels some what like a tiny sunburn on the upper edge of my left areola.  Pushing on it doesn't hurt but clothing grazing it and wind blowing produces this very mild burning like sensation.  It has become more apparent lately when I reach across with my left arm or even just doing nothing it sort of burns.  I was feeling around directly beneath it  and found a hemispherical pea sized lump that is not too prominent and is not in my right nipple.  Only my left nipple which, by the way has a fairly normal amount of breast tissue for a male, but more than the right.  It is getting fairly obvious to me that it could be cancer and it is not resolving, but progressing.  I am going to see my primary care doctor ASAP.  What do you make of my syptoms, can cancer be ruled out?  Is it likely?  Should I allow a doctor to do less conclusive tests or should I insist on a mamogram or biopsy?  I fear that the "lets wait and see" or "doesn't sound like" machine will process me and send me along.  Should I insist on a biopsi?

A bit worried, as you can see.  Driving my wife crazy with speculations.

Thanx.  Randy J.
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Malignancy in the male breast is relatively very rare,but it could happen especially to much older men.
Several causes can produce a lump in males and it doesn't mean that it is  cancer related.However an investigations needs to be done particularly if the lump is painless.
This lump could be due to many causes,like an infection, cyst etc.
Certain medications, steroid supplement and marijuana use, have been linked to Gynecomastia which can present with enlarged breasts or a lump under one or both areolas.
Gynecomastia is breast development that occurs mainly in young males,but It can happen at any age and for a number of different reasons.Older men may have an underlying medical condition that requires investigation and treatment.
It's impossible to tell you over the internet what this lump could really be.  Your doctor will examine you and probably order a few tests if you insist on having them.If he/she tells you to "wait and see" then find another doctor,preferably a Breast Specialist who will order the tests.The results of these test will let you and the doctor know if a biopsy is needed. If you are taking any medication,make sure you mention it to your doctor.
Hoping that it's nothing serious.
Take care and best wishes...
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