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8mm in breast.

I just had a ma moral and received a message that I need further evaluation.   They seen an 8mm mass in left breast.     They said it has smooth edges and does not look like your typical scary.  Whatever that means.    I'm going for an ultrasound and possibly another diagnostic mammogram but not for another week.     I am so worried and scared.  
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I am sorry you are having to wait for a week for answers.  It can be so tough.  I would try to remain positive.  It sounds like they are trying to reassure you with the information they have given.  The next test(s) should give you the answers you need.  It sounds everything will be just fine!
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What was your outcome? I have the same exact thing and mine is IDC inner ductal carcinoma and it's cancer, i began a round of chemo and it enlarged and i'm now undergoing taxol things are getting much better. I pray that you are okay and that your doctors are getting straight to your issue.  Love, Heather
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