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9mm by 7mm breast cyst,how bad it is??

hi amy name is vany ,iam 22 y old,i just find out that i have 9mm by 7mm breast cyst..iam realy fraking out and dont know what to do ,that cyst diagnosed by ultrasound study .i want to know what other test should i do ??its realy painfull and tender.i need your help...any body help..
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How are you doing?
Fibrocystic disease is a common condition among females.  It may be related to the hormonal changes in the body as occurs during menstruation.  Patients with fibrocystic disease complain of pain and tenderness during or after their menstrual period.
You may want to observe for any changes in the breast cyst.  If the pain and tenderness persists, please do consult your doctor for further evaluation.
Good luck.    
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hi  thanks for answaring  me ,now ia have an other qus.is this Fibrocystic disease has relation to any kind of food,or ant special diet aggrevate it or not..like choklate??
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