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A moment of thanks to Japdip

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the time you devote to answering questions in this format. I learn so much from you. Your style is smooth and calm and your responses offer information without increasing the fear that is so common with anything even close to breast cancer, real or imagined.

I think you're wonderful!
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Japdip is knowledgeble, sincere, warm, and unselfish.  She is an amazing resource to our community and I am glad she's here for all of us.

Thanks, Japdip!

Breast Cancer 1 & 2 Community Leader
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You're more than welcome but my motive is partially selfish ... I derive great pleasure from the opportunity to be of some small measure of help. I'm not sure "smooth" would be the word I might choose ... LOL ... I'll gladly accept it though since it's better than the one I would use. I deal in facts and truth but try not to sugar coat anything. I happen to believe that if a person asks a question they want an answer. Now it's my turn; Thank you all, I appreciate being appreciated !!!
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I've gained invaluable insights from her, as well... thanks, japdip
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I agree with you 100% .She is truly a blessing to this community.
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