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After the mastectomy

So... some things in life just make me squeamish... catheters are one of them. I have never had one to my knowledge and hope to never have one. I've gone through surgeries where I have been under anesthia for a few hours, and still no catheter was needed. Will my doctor make me get one for my mastectomy?

I know people say you won't want to get up after it and the catheter will help, but I am exactly the opposite. Nothing will be better than to move around post-op. It's how I've always been post-op. Can I tell my doctor I don't want a catheter? Ahhhhhhhh.
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I wouldn't think so ... I don't recall any pt. having a catheter following mastectomy. There would be no reason that you couldn't be up and around as soon as you feel able (the same day as surgery). I hope you don't mean all catheters because you will surely have one or more drains in place which in all essence are catheters but will be connected to small drainage bulbs. They certainly won't interfere with your being up and around because they will be left in place for a few days following surgery. You have the right idea about getting up and moving around .... this is most important for a speedy recovery.    Best wishes ...
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Oh, I am SO HAPPY to hear that! I am aware of the drain tubes, that won't bother me. I was speaking about the urinary catheter. Thanks so much for your input. It makes me feel a lot better! (My mother had her mastectomy 10 years ago and had a catheter, so she spooked me into thinking I would need one too!)
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Well I know how you feel; I share your feelings about catheters. 10 years ago things were very likely done differently than they are today. Good luck with your surgery ......
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Hi Amber:
   I had a mastectomy in Oct. 2008 and will my other breast removed on the 19th.  Thankfully, no catheter is needed.
Best of luck.
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hi.. I have PASH in my Left Breast. I am 31. I am going to have to get a mastectomy because of the location of the lump and also the size. Think the size of an egg.  I talked to an oncologist and he didn't want me on Tamoxifen either. So now I just face the surgery and reconstruction. I just thought I would say hi... :) and see how things are going. And if you have advice you can pass on or just want someone to talk to....
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Hey, kiddo, no catheter, and you will be surprised how relatively painless this surgery will be. I had zero pain whatsoever and then a few hours later, yes, a little but it's nothing compared to other surgeries.

When I had my c-sections they put in catheters and I HATE them, too. must be even worse for men. Then my sister had a hysterectomy in holland and she told me they put it in after they put her to sleep. Why can't they do this here?

I had the same worry, also. No catheter!!
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