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Any remedies for rash around the eye?

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to relieve the redness and irritation around my eyes due to the tearing?  My eyes are like a constant faucet of tears.  I know this will eventually stop but for now I need some relief from the itchy, burning sensation and this redness and little blisters that looks like an awful rash.  Are these tears made of acid or something?  I put some Dove cream on this morning but it didn't help.  I tried a petroleum jelly based cream yesterday and I'm not sure if it helped or made it worse.
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This Community deals specifically with breast cancer issues. I suggest that you post on the "Eye Care" Forum where you will be more apt to receive a relevant answer. Thank you ....
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Well, thank you japdip but the teary eyes, I should explain, are the side effects of Taxotere, which is a chemo-therapy drug for breast cancer.  I thought other Taxotere sufferers might be experiencing this, too, and have a suggestion.
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Hi teary,

Taxotere is a great chemotherapy but it does have wicked side effects. Is this your first taxotere session by any chance? Have you called your oncologist's office and let them know? Taxotere can cause severe allergic reactions so for sure, let your oncologist know what's going on. Everything that's going on. Simple things add up and could be dangerous.

I'd like to hear what your oncologist has to say if you don't mind, once you find out. Could you post it here?

Best wishes
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