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Anyone else have Triple Negative Breast Cancer?

I've been dx with lung mets and I'm Triple Negative. I had the single met (8mm) surgically removed and did dose dense carboplatin and taxol (could only get 4 treatments in because of low counts). Was NED for 10 months and now mets are back in both lungs. I'm taking Taxotere weekly for 10 weeks. My wb counts are low constantly. My question is,can triple negatives acheive long term remissions after stage 4 dx? What are the chances of me beating this disease and living to see my kids graduate from high school in 5 years? I've waited a year to get this question through on this forum so any hope you can provide will be appreciated. There seems to be no research for triple negative breast cancer patients. Who cares about us? I heard of a woman who was triple neg mets to lung removed surgically and she had a stem cell transplant and has been cancer free for 10 years. Please give me some information that is honest and direct. My doctor says that I could go into remission again but the chances are 5%. I'm a fighter but I just want to know how hard I'm going to have to fight. Will I likely do chemo for the rest of my life? Is triple negative, Metaplastic and basel-like the same? Merry Christmas and God Bless you for what you do to educate us!
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Hi, I googled "triple negative breast cancer  metaplastic", and came up with some very clear and helpful material.  There is one article http://www.nature.com/onc/journal/vaop/ncurrent/abs/1210014a.html that is very medical but explains it, that metaplastic is a rarer type of basal-like tumors.  

Did the docs try to support your WBC with Neulastin, or something like that?  It sucks to have to get off a good tx because of #'s.

There were lots of articles and other resources if you google like I did.  That's all I know. Good luck, my dear.
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