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Armpit Lump

About a month ago while shaving my armpit, I noticed a very small (less pea size) lump right in the center of my armpit.  I know that when I or my doctor examines my armpit for lymph nodes my arm is relaxed and lowered near my side and the area being examined in deeper in the armpit.  This lump is at or very near the surface, maybe even in the skin, and can be felt when I gently run my finger over the skin of my armpit with my arm is raised and the armpit skin it taut.  Could this small lump be a lymph node?  It hasn't changed and is still there after about a month.
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Any lump under the armpit (axilla) is concerning. It could be something as simple as a cyst or inflamed hair follicle caused by shaving or use of antiperspirants.
This lump could also indicate a swollen lymph node that is often caused by infection or inflammation somewhere in the body, but please be aware that suspicious lymph nodes also present in this area and because of this possibility, it would be best, just to make sure, to consult your doctor for proper evaluation.
Best wishes.
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